Thursday, 16 October 2014


The sun had set by the time I arrived in Edinburgh after spending six hours on a train from London. I was supposed to arrive several hours earlier, but there had been multiple delays with the trains. Even in the dark, Edinburgh awed me. I spun in a circle after dragging my suitcase through Waverly Station and could not believe my eyes. The architecture is so old and almost mystical. It's like being inside a giant castle with an actual castle in the middle.

Edinburgh is truly remarkable. It is now one of my favourite cities.

After stubbornly hauling far too much luggage up seven flights of stairs, I made it to my hostel on Grassmarket Square. The hostel was fantastic and I met two travelling Canadians while I was there. Hostels are brilliant hubs for free thinkers, travelers, restless souls, and those seeking adventure. I always meet such interesting and kindhearted people and have the most intriguing conversations. It reminds you that no matter how scattered we may be across the Earth, we're all just people and not really so different after all.

I spent three days in Edinburgh. I wandered the streets, got lost, got stuck in a rain storm, had tea with a new friend, went on two dark history tours, and visited the National Museum of Scotland and The Elephant House. I was also able to meet Sam Williamson who will be attending an artist retreat in Ubud, Bali with myself and about twenty other creatives.

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