Thursday, 16 October 2014


Shortly before leaving Canada, I found out that I have some very distant family in Glasgow (my mother's sister's husband's cousins). We got in touch and I went to stay with them for three nights upon leaving Edinburgh. It was strange to think that I would be staying with people whom I had never met before (only spoken to through three emails) and didn't even know existed two weeks prior. That being said, I wasn't nervous; I think I have become so used to meeting and staying with strangers that this felt like just another day. My cousin, William had been a little anxious though.

That being said, my time in Glasgow with William and his brother, Ross was absolutely brilliant. They are both amazing individuals who are intelligent, passionate, and act with purpose. So many people go through life in auto-pilot, merely existing and going with the flow without thinking about why. I was so impressed by how aware William and Ross were. They understood what was important to them, what they needed, and what they were struggling with. I learned a lot by speaking to them and admire them both immensely.

I have been called "brave" more times during this trip than in my entire life. Every person that I have met has commented on how brave I am to have left home to travel the world, largely on my own. It's weird because I don't feel brave. I am terrified most of the time. I am just a girl and I am doing my best to be happy and live a good life. I don't feel like someone who should be admired or who has done anything remarkable. I merely hopped on a plane and left. Seeing my cousins marvel on my actions was bizarre and something I am still processing.

Most of these images were taken when William took a day off work and took me to see some of his favourite sights in his corner of Scotland. I took so many pictures and saw so many incredible things that day, including downtown Glasgow, Stirling Castle, the William Wallace Monument, and Stirling University (where I saw swans for the first time!). The place that impacted me the most was called "Rest and Be Thankful." It's an area at the beginning on the highlands and quite possibly the most beautiful place that I have ever been. I can't even imagine what they must be like when you're surrounded by miles and miles of hills and mountains and glens.

I love that it is called, "Rest and Be Thankful." I need to do that more. Rest. Be thankful. It was a glorious reminder to breathe and have gratitude. Be here, in this moment. The present in the most precious thing we have.

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